Online Consulting Support

60.00€ /hour consult

It does not include VAT


Whether your necessity is the resolution of a current crisis or it is the careful planning of appropriate steps in the direction of achieving your vision, it is always better to have somebody by your side. Until today, the existence of a trained consultant, constantly by your side, was a luxury only a few could afford.
Responding to the needs of the times we are all going through these days, we created in AMT, a revolutionary consulting service addressed to entrepreneurs, executives and productive personnel. The innovation of this service lies in the ?per minute pricing? and the constant access to the consultant whenever there is need, from any place in the world. Your office, the comfort of your home and basically anywhere there is a phone or internet.
Our consultant will be by your side to support you in your delicate business, strategical and even personal decision making. He will be by your side to assist you to plan with safety and certainty your next moves.
The expertise and experience of our seasoned consultants is at your disposal.