Manage your clientele properly


A business consumes a lot of time and energy in finding new customers. This is of course something that needs to be done, as more customers equate to more revenue. But what about existing business customers?

How important is it for a business to have a well-organized clientele?

A company's customer list is its biggest asset.

Its proper organization and management is crucial because it allows the business to:

(a) have complete control and proper monitoring of its customers

(b) make a better targeted promotion of its products / services, which will increase its sales; and

c) save valuable time, since anyone can easily find the information they need at any time.

So, what you need to start doing is gathering all of your customer data.

Then, transfer all the data to a client management program (CRM). Call your customers and find out what you are missing (e.g. email, fax). Also, have each new customer fill out a simple form with the information you need.

Whether you are a business (B2B) or end-user (B2C) company, it is very important that your customer records are up-to-date and have a schedule that will let you know at any time with whom you spoke, when you spoke and what you said. .

A business that does not have up-to-date files is a business that has no memory.

Imagine yourself not remembering the names, addresses and any other information of your acquaintances, relatives and friends. Will you be able to work?