Start calling your customers


You consume a lot of time and energy in finding new customers. This is of course something that needs to be done, as more customers equate to more revenue. But what about existing business customers? Do you communicate with them regularly?

The easiest and most effective way to communicate with your customers is by phone.

Instead of waiting for customers to remember you for themselves and move on with your business, be more active in this area. The phone call to the customer is powerful and can bring people into your business to buy.

Through regular communication, your customers know you continue to exist. The result is to stay within their first choices when they want to make a new purchase.

If you do not call them:

·        How will they find out about the new very good offer you have?

·        How are you going to find out how you can help them?

·        How are you going to learn if they have a complaint from you?

If you don't communicate with your customers, be sure that someone else will do it and will try to get them from you.

So, start making phone calls. It's a very effective way to get in touch with your customers first, rehearse your relationships with them, learn valuable data from them, and THEN sell them. It's not nice to reach out to someone you have not been talking to for a long time and try to sell them from scratch. You wouldn't want this done to you, so don't do it yourselves.

A business that communicates regularly with its customers will have a lot more revenue than a business that fails to do so.

A business that does not make phone calls is like it does not want to communicate with the world. Do you communicate with your friends? What would happen if  you stopped?

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