The Importance of the Right Organization Chart


One of the most important issues facing the Greek businessman today is that all the functions of the business must pass through his hands. The result is working endless hours to make sure everything is done right. The reason behind this situation is the lack of proper organization of business. The first step in organizing a business is to create a functional organization chart.

The word Organization Chart does not mean "Organization Chart" but "Organizing Chart". The organizating chart should not be a simple plan that lists the different jobs. It must encompass the function and product of each position and department separately. Every job in a business has its own product. An organizational chart is a chart showing the flow of successive products, produced by the various jobs. The result of this flow is the company's final product.


Man - when he enters a group - automatically assumes that there should be a leader and that different functions belong to different individuals. When he knows exactly his position in an organization, his tasks, who he refers to and what he should produce, he feels more secure and confident about what he is doing. The effort to belong or be part of a set is expressed by the organization chart.

Having an organizational chart helps to the better utilization of people and to avoid unnecessary confusion. When there is no organization chart, much more effort is needed to get something done. Without an organization chart there is no one team that produces, but individuals who do what they think needs to be done.

Regardless of the size of the business, the quantity and quality of a product depends to a large extent on an accurate organization chart.