• Exclusive representative

    AMT Consultants is the exclusive representative of the OnLine Performia human resources evaluation system for Greece and Cyprus

  • International Organization

    Performia is an international organization (operating in 37 countries), fully focused on supporting HR recruitment and evaluation processes.

1.500.000 Evaluations

More than 1,500,000 on-line tests and interviews have been delivered so far and the Performia rating system has come to deliver around 6,000 tests per week worldwide.

A company may choose from the following tests and interviews of the Performia rating system, that is filled in online by the candidate.

Subsequently, our company evaluates the candidates, delivers their results and makes the corresponding proposals, always with full respect for the personal data and the individuality of each executive.

Personality Analysis

Sales Analysis

Interview ? Performance Control

IQ Test

Skill Test

Leadership Indicator

What Perfomia can do for you?


The Performia system is very reliable in analyzing the personality and productivity of employees. It offers greater hiring security, as a wrong hire can cause wasted time and can cost the business dearly.


Even though executives' achievements are an important factor when promoting someone, you are likely to make "expensive" mistakes that are difficult to correct later. With the Performia system, you can better see if the person is likely to succeed in a higher position.

No more fights!

In an area with severe fights and disruptions, you can find out, with the help of Personality Analysis, who are the people who hinder production or somehow work against the business and handle them.

Reorganization of a Business or Department

Imagine what a privilege would be to know the ability of every member of your staff BEFORE you reorganize your business. By knowing who best suits to what job, you can create the best performing team.

Staff Training and Improvement Planning

Does your business candidate or employee really have the opportunity to be trained according to the needs of their job? Could something be done to be improved? You will find out with the help of the Performia system.

Selection of a Worthy Partner

A partnership can put you in a difficult situation if there is a "personality conflict". Test your proposed partner with the Performia system beforehand to reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises.

Analyses / Test of Performia System

Personality Analysis (EXECUTEST)

Personality Analysis, also known as Exec-U-Test, consists of 200 multiple choice questions and the average completion time is 30 minutes.

The test presents 10 personality traits, which show how the candidate or employee could achieve the job required.

The results are accurate, immediate and give a clear picture of the person's relationship with himself, his work and those around him.

The test not only gives an accurate idea of whether this person is suitable for the position, but also indicates how this person can be better managed if they are hired or already employed.

This test is an excellent and invaluable tool for both recruitment and staff development.

Sales Analysis

The sales analysis is formulated to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a salesperson and identify areas that need improvement, analyzing 12 sales areas such as customer service, product knowledge, etc.

Before you hire a salesperson, you can evaluate him regarding his productivity (performance), personality, motivation, and level of knowledge and experience.

If the prospective salesperson shows proficiency in this test, then this is a very good indicator of his future sales results.

It consists of 120 questions without timing.

Interview - Performance Testing

The best prediction of a candidate's future results is to look at his previous results. This is exactly what Performance Test does.

Performance Test examines details of a person's performance in all respects, gives a precise summary of their productivity, and explains how this can be verified, if necessary.

It is an online interview and has no time limit. The candidate is asked to describe in his own words his production and is also able to draw graphs that depict the height of his production and to provide any other elements he considers necessary to show his performance.

Intelligence Test (IQ Test)

The Intelligence Test is designed to measure one's ability to solve problems.

Almost every job requires the person to be able to solve problems to some extent. Once it is clear what a job will require, the Intelligence Test will help you find the right person for these requirements.

There are 80 questions to answer and the candidate has 30 minutes to complete the test.

Skill Test

The Skill Test specifically aims to find out the level of accurate perception of the person (duplication).

This is very important when hiring executives who should make sure that the management's instructions are followed exactly.

This test also shows whether the person is susceptible to accidents or not, which is an important factor if, for example, the position requires the handling of expensive mechanical equipment.

The Skill Test is a timed test that normally takes 2-5 minutes to complete.

Leadership Indicator

This test is very important for the promotion of staff or the recruitment of new staff. It quickly analyzes one's ability to lead others and also highlights where one can improve.

It examines how well a person locates the source of a problem and therefore how easily or accurately he handles it.

This test consists of 30 questions that the candidate must answer and is not timed.