Working with this particular evaluation process with the Performia system, we found that many of the data we had confused in our minds were made more specific by the test and this helped us better evaluate our salespeople. 

A particularly important element is highlighting each salesperson sectors for improvement at individual level. This has helped us to focus directly on the required training and improvement of specific areas at team and individual level.


Yours sincerely, 
Popi Skagia

Dear AMT team

I would like to thank you for your extremely creative and effective cooperation. Your contribution to the creation and presentation of the right data and information for decision making is crucial. You have helped me, both personally and professionally, to organize, take action and find new motivations to turn my business into a pioneering and innovative education business. I am grateful!!!

Yours sincerely, 
Sempos Vasilis 

The collaboration of MARVEL S.A., a technical-commercial shipping company with AMT Consultants, was launched in April 2018 and involved the provision of "Strategic Planning and Process Operations Redesign" services.


The purpose of the project was the support or reengineering of critical processes with practical applications where possible, data analysis, briefing executives on redesigned processes, launching new departments and developing an organizational chart.

During our cooperation with "AMT Consultants", the following were highlighted:

The ability of AMT consultants to tackle complex problems in a simple, systematic and highly effective way.
The ability to manage complex processes (Process Management) and projects (Project Management) fully in line with our Company's Business Plans and Visions, introducing indicator systems and statistical methods to measure performance.
The ability to create an environment of mutual and effective cooperation with the Company's staff.

For the above reasons, we highly recommend working with "AMT Consultants" to anyone who wishes to have a Partner Consultant who, being substantially involved in the operation of their Business, can bring about significant changes and innovative ideas that will contribute to the wellbeing and achievement of the Company vision.


Yours sincerely, 
Antonis Vatikiotis
CEO Marvel SA

Dear friends and colleagues of AMT,


We would like to thank you very much for your immediate and continuous response to the needs of  ?K. KARAISKOS SA KEDIMA?.


By completing a productive course, we have been able to envision the future and lay new and even stronger foundations that will support the pillars of our business.


Attending seminars has helped us to understand deeper business concepts and to better organize our business so that we can evolve by all means possible.


At the same time, the distribution of responsibilities through the creation of an organizational chart has helped to make all the departments function properly, so that each department can operate independently and successfully.


Finally, with the introduction of statistical methods, we have been able to have a complete and understandable picture of the operation of the company.


In closing, we would like to add that you were a helper to us in a valuable and meaningful endeavor that produced the best possible result.  We are confident that you will continue in the future with the same power and philosophy.


Yours sincerely,

Karaiskos Konstantinos

The best of the investments we have made so far. The move that is the step that will give you the impetus to reach the end of the ladder. 

Hellasphone's technological excellence is complemented by the method and organization provided by AMT. 

Its consultants provide high level organizational knowledge, references and training. Enthusiastic about their work, true 'consultants', with ease of entry into your position and this is the secret to their success.

Yours sincerely, 
Boutos Ilias 

The process of evaluating candidates for recruitment with the Performia system has contributed significantly to the successful staffing of the Organization's actions such as Homes for the Raising Children of Victims of Violence and the central administration with capable and reliable executives. With the evaluation we were able to focus on the features that interest us in each job and select the right people for the job. The results have been reliable and offer security, certainty and, most of all, saving time and money due to wrong recruitment.


Thanks to the Performia system, we have executives who make a substantial contribution to the work that the Organization is doing.

At the same time, but equally important, is the fact that by using the system we have been able to highlight areas where our existing human resources can be improved, so that we have a more productive and coordinated team. This has as a direct consequence the continuous improvement of the people who contribute daily to the valuable work of the Organization for Children. After all, the driving force behind "The Smile" is the people who make it. 

Thank you very much!

Yours sincerely, 
Georgiadou Rena - HR Director 
The Smile of the Child

In this letter, I would like to thank "AMT Consultants" for our constructive cooperation in the field of evaluation and training of our staff.


A key pillar of our corporate culture is that goals are achieved through teamwork and continuous communication. As part of our joint effort to strategically redesign and operate our corporate network of corporate structures, always focusing on the human being and their needs, has contributed significantly to the successful utilization of all our executives.


We strongly recommend working with AMT Consultants to those companies that wish to invest in training, better utilization and empowerment of their human resources. Innovative ideas have made a significant contribution to the achievement of our corporate vision, which focuses on people and teamwork, to achieve our goals.


Yours sincerely,

Ioannis Stavropoulos

Commercial Manager

My success started from the first moment visited AMT (Advanced Management Technology). 

I was an entrepreneur with zeal, zest, responsibility and vision, but without efficiency, organization and method.

This is precisely what the ATM needs to do its job successfully, that is, progressive and active people who are blocking the gears of management and administration.


The first success through the education of AMT was the overthrow of almost everyone I worked with. The new faces that surround me, not only in my work but also in my life, have contributed in half to the frantic upward course of my business. 

Posts that were permanently missing due to the irresponsibility and incapacity of my former colleagues, are working perfectly right now.

Quite a difficult undertaking; however, at this time all the difficulties and obstacles seem to be past.

Our clients have in front of them people - partners ready to serve their interests as well as ours, in the most effective way. They adhere to the policy, the course and the philosophy of the company, resulting in the growth of our customers and sales and their own revenue and vision.  

All of the above work and flow through a specific code of ethics that is half of them in the success of our work. A code of ethics inviolable for anyone who wants and can exist within our professional family.

This code works in the environment among them, in their relationships with customers, suppliers and company management. When we first started operating under this code, the first thing we did was to reduce losses, the second was to find similar ethical partners so that our work would be shielded and our finances stabilized, our relationship with suppliers to improve and, generally, to create a better name on the market.

Honesty, honesty and high professional ethics are now slogans for our business, and the greatest success comes automatically. When we managed to organize and staff our business according to the above, that is, from the training we received from AMT, success was inevitable. 

Our business has created such a reputation and a name that we didn't even have to make the planned advertising outflow.


New customers contact us daily asking for our cooperation.

Our sales in the last year have increased by 50%, bringing this year's turnover up to 600,000 ?, an amount that is increasing every day.

Of course, we need to be alert daily and be frequently trained in order to stay at this high level of service and provision.

The staff potential of the company has increased by 30% and is at the same time under training. The success of our business corresponds and goes along with their own ambitions and visions. We have now become more effective, more meaningful, each one with their own responsibilities and benefits.

One last success, perhaps the most significant, as it was a piece we had left incomplete with our education, is the closure of ?open circles?.


ΑΜΤ Consultants, thank you very much and we look forward to meet again. 

Yours sincerely, 
Panousis Ioannis

The consultation so far from AMT are really valuable and essential for the progress of my business.   I was given too many tools to restructure my company in all areas, which were strictly adhered to by effectively controlling the company, thereby increasing profits.
During the consultation, we reassessed things, people and situations, giving them the right direction, with the ultimate aim of increasing the profitability and proper functioning of the company.  
Sincerely, Papageorgiou Konstantinos


Hellastat A.E. with a background in Business Information, has entrusted Performia's evaluation services with the proper and effective staffing of its departments. Hellastat, a fast-growing company, has reached just over 5 years to employ more than 30 permanent employees, with the prospect of soon reaching 40 staff. In a phase of such intense reorganization and growth of our staff, Performia's contribution is crucial to rationalizing the enrichment of our company with people who will be effective in helping us achieve our business visions.  
For Hellastat SA, as with most businesses, our human resources are our biggest asset. In this context, Performia is committed to providing us with all the necessary safeguards to protect this property and to grow it with our corporate results. It is for this reason that we look forward to a long lasting & constructive relationship that will continually promote the quality of our services.  
Yours sincerely,  Madias Michalis, Director of Business Development Department 

Hellastat S.A.

?All of us who are chosen to manage a department, a company, a group of clients - depending on what each of us do ? they choose us because we have great ideas that we believe in. Because our minds work even at night, finding ideas and ways to implement them. Neverthe However, one cannot ?pull the cart on his own? and, many times, while he can know what needs to be done? he does not know how to do it.  
During my search for help and answers, I found AMT Consultants? advisors and I described to them the situation I was in. Since then I have understood what the real problems I need to address are and not what I thought I had under the job pressure. All the stress and pressure goes out when you really see what you have to deal with.   Now, not only do I know how to recognize my real problems, whether they are personal or professional, but I also know in what order I need to solve them. So, I can convince those around me that they really need to follow me ... to do what I ask them to do.  We Greeks have ideas but we think we know it all and lose the game there. I did not cooperate with AMT Consultants, I worked with them. We found and implemented modern tools, some of which were in front of me for so long, and I challenged them, because I didn't know how to
handle them or even what I could get from them.   
The difference in my work is noticeable, not only in my performance but mainly in my colleagues, who in these difficult times are with me to provide solutions and move towards a stable environment - a growth environment that most of us are looking for today. "
With particular respect Nikolaos Kiourtzidis


Every entrepreneur who respects his business and wants to see it grow, be healthy and trustworthy has strong concerns about how to go about it. Who should I rely on? What opinions to hear? Who to consult to improve his company?
The people at AMT Consultants are always by your side more than you have ever imagined, interested in your business, passionate about success, loving their client. You feel that you are relying on a heavyweight consultant who covers your gaps, shares your dreams and helps you fulfill them.  
AMT Consultants has been an essential help in trying to better organize my company, grow my client base, implement ideas that have now come to the surface. I feel fortunate to have been with them all this time in our partnership and we are sure to have a lot to say in the future.
Nikos Taousanis ? Gen. Manager 


It is wonderful when something that start well goes even better. This is exactly how I can describe the collaboration we had with AMT Consulting and its representatives at the beginning of January 2011.
During the two-day consultation, which followed the signing of our agreement, we found that there are still people or companies that deliver what they promise.
Our knowledge of our company needs and requirements has increased. We solved many queries and realized unintentional movements and wrong orientations of our company.  
After this two-day consultation, we feel ready to face, resolve and move forward, confident in the positive results our moves will bring.  

 Yours sincerely,  Nikolakakis Stelios- General Manager

TROPIC alternative patterns

The results of my collaboration with the consulting company AMT Consultants were as follows:
- Increase of bids volume
- Closing of profitable projects (sale of 4 projects in January 2010, while no sales were made in January and February 2009).
- Projects are completed faster and without flaws. We saved many lost hours.
- Organization of stand-by and overtime hours
- Warehouse Organization.
- Accountant alert. - Time credit and best prices from suppliers.
- Projects that were completed long ago and now got into maintenance.  
Stypsianou Georgia ? General Manager
DMS Elevators


All very nice and good !!! We learned how to hire skilled and productive staff.

Everything else is upon us now! We will break them down!!!

Yours sincerely, 
Ammolochitis Dionisis - CEO 
Manifest - Facility Management Services